We are content creators with an impressive and eclectic slate.

We currently have two feature films in late development with distributors attached.

Our work has been funded through state and national agencies. It has won and been short-listed in national competitions, and is sought after by international producers and distributors.

We're versatile, professional, and efficient. We approach all creative projects - ours and yours - with passion and commitment.



Bursting with ideas but no idea where to start? Have a project but need a writer? 

We consult, supervise, and get words on the page.

We're available for commissions of all sizes.


Add a Word Ninja or two to your next story room to help kick-start and structure your ideas.

We're familiar with story room conventions and are generous and enthusiastic.

Our story nous, development tools, and life experience are rich and varied.


With experience in a wide range of genres and formats, we provide an insightful script editing service. 

From high end, broad analysis to short documents and the minutiae of dialogue and loglines...we can help!

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