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Ruth Estelle

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Photo by Michelle Cassar on Unsplash

Ruth is not easy to pigeon-hole. Part chameleon, part MacGyver…with a hint of Doris Lessing – she's an all-rounder and one-woman Think Tank. She's highly creative and adaptable, as well as being organised and methodical. Her writing work has taken her from journalism to scriptwriting and editing, to brainstorming and pitch creation, research to web-design.

Ruth's ability to analyse and refine information systems, combined with a plethora of admin skills makes her super-efficient. She does design work. She writes training materials. She's a great general communications person and works closely with individuals or teams to figure out their message – in story or business settings.


With an entrepreneurial mindset, Ruth is not afraid of change or restructuring, but she does have a strong sense of justice. She appreciates people for their skills and encourages growth and development.

She write novels and plays to relax. 

Pete Monaghan

After a career in anthropology, Pete turned to stand up and then screenwriting.

Pete regularly headlines at Adelaide comedy venues. He’s a consummate veteran performer, with multiple solo Fringe shows and tours of the UK and Ireland with Adam Hills under his belt (the tours...not Adam!). Pete was head comedy writer for SAFM and MMM radio.


His improvisation skills never fail to delight as he makes up songs on the spot for the audience. Pete likes to explore the ‘everyday’ in his comedy observations, from crumpets to hot baths, bin nights to swim nappies, and beyond. His observational comedy is insightful, pointed, but never nasty.

Pete is a non-stop creator of ideas. His plots are tight. His characters jump off the page. And he knows how to make people cry as well as laugh.

If you're looking for a story editor, plot doctor, or an MC, Pete's your guy!

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