Ruth Estelle

Ruth was born in Zimbabwe then raised in an experimental feminist eco-commune in the Adelaide Hills. She's been a journalist, an entrepreneur, and a professional yoga teacher.

Ruth's unpublished novels formed the basis of her first optioned screenplays which dropped her, boots and all, into the screen industry.

Ruth's solo and co-written projects have been shortlisted in national and international competitions, and have received state and national funding.

Ruth loves deadlines so much she sets them for herself when no one gives them to her. 

She shows grit and grace against all odds, plays well with others, and always does her own stunts.

Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash

Pete Monaghan

Pete is a South Australian-based writer and comedian.


A multi-talented ex-anthropologist, he wrote music for and performed in Rolf de Heer's iconic film 'Bad Boy Bubby'.

Pete's writing skills include FM Breakfast Radio, TVC copywriting, solo comedy shows, and more improv songs than you can poke a stick at.

He has exceptional problem-solving abilities, story nous, and high creative output.

Pete seamlessly turns his hand to any format or genre, and has a direct line to 'left field' which gives his ideas an impish, zany edge.

A seasoned comedian, he has toured the UK and Ireland with Adam Hills. Pete still does stand-up, and is available for MC-ing and Quiz Master gigs.

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