Ruth Estelle

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THE HEROINE'S JOURNEY - Consultations available

The world is changing and so are stories! By making the most of your female and female-identifying characters (and concepts) you will improve your story's reach with more than 50% of the population. Ruth provides a non-formulaic approach with insightful questions to build your 'femme awareness', authenticity, and story confidence.


Ruth was born in Zimbabwe then raised in an Marxist feminist eco-commune in the Adelaide Hills. She's been a journalist, an entrepreneur, and a professional yoga teacher.

Her first three unpublished novels formed the basis of her first optioned screenplays - Cornucopia, Sex Angst Love, and All Fall Down.

With Pete, Ruth has had multiple commissions and worked across a variety of formats, including TV, animation, feature film, and podcast.

Ruth shows grit and grace against all odds, plays well with others, and always does her own stunts.

Pete Monaghan

PLOT DOCTOR - Consultations available

Whatever your story ailment, whichever plot cul-de-sac you've gone down, whatever 2nd Act desert you're stumbling through - drinking desperately at the plot-hole mirage, Pete will have a cure, answers with plot suggestions that turn dead-ends into multi-option highways.

(Mixed metaphors are his specialty!)

Pete is a South Australian-based writer and comedian. His docu-series Stand Up If You Dare is in early development. His feature film script, Silver Nomads, written with Ruth, is being produced by Brouhaha Entertainment.

Pete and Ruth's family feature, The Secret Ingredient, is also in late development with KOJO.

Pete and Ruth's work has been funded by state and national agencies, and short-listed in national and international competitions.


Several of his co-written television series - Response Time, Ren Men, To The Top - are currently under consideration at STAN, ABC, SBS, Amazon and Warner Brothers.

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